Anadoluhisarı Mosque

Right beside the open-air masjid, there was the Anadoluhisarı Mosque, which was one of the oldest Turkish buildings in Istanbul until it was removed by Şehremini Emin Bey in 1928. It was removed while a road was being laid and moved 350 meters to the north. The cemetery and Yasemin Khatun School beside it were demolished.

The building order of the Mosque was given by Mehmed the Conqueror during the siege, as a single-domed mosque. The mosque also featured a Sultan’s Alcove. It was deteriorated in time and rebuilt by Sultan Abdulhamid in 1883. Its entry door was reached with 10-12 steps from the pier and featured a repair inscription. During the Independence War years, the mosque was the secret headquarters of the Muslims who tried their best to help their brethren in Anatolia. The voluntaries who ran to defend the country and the officers met here, the ammunition and weapons that were collected were sent to Anatolia from here.

Unfortunately, the new building bears no resemblance to the original, except for its minaret ordered by Sultan Abdulhamid in 1883. Moreover, the building is about half the size of the original. 

The current building on the road between Anadoluhisarı and Kanlıca, beside which we pass by every day without thinking about Mehmed the Conqueror, Sultan Abdulhamid, or our martyrs during the Independence War, is stone walled and roofed, and has a very beautiful fountain in its garden. 

Anadoluhisarı Mosque