• Ekran Resmi 2019-01-03 17

The festival is held in the Kanlıca Square in the first week of May. “Kanlıca Yogurt” that surpassed the limits of Beykoz is the main subject of the festival. The festival holds “Best yogurt production” and “finding gold in yogurt” contests and famous artists perform. To ensure easy transport to the festival site, free boat trips from Emirgan Pier to Kanlıca are organized during the festival. 2 tons of Kanlıca Yogurt were distributed free of charge last year, in the festival organized by the Beykoz Municipality. The festivals aims to contribute to the branding of a traditional delicacy, to transmit the ancient culture to the future generations and to improve recognition, and it is not the only festival held in Beykoz for this purpose. Polonezköy Cherry Festival is held on the second week of June, and the Honey Festival on the first week of November.

Polonezköy Cherry Festival is also the most visible form of friendship and brotherhood in Polonezköy, where two cultures live side by side since 1847. Folk dance teams from Poland perform in the festival, and various cultural activities, exhibitions, concerts and recitals are held. The people of Polonezköy offer the cherries they grow in their gardens as a gift to their guests.

The festival is one of the old organizations in our country, and it is being regularly held for almost a quarter century. 

Beykoz Honey Festival hosts the Who Produces the Best Honey?” contest and it is held in Akbaba and Beykoz Municipality Square during each November. The producers exhibit their products in the festival, and the farmer who produces the honey that contains the most proline as awarded. Folk dance teams and famous singers also perform in the festival, and Beykoz Municipality provides for various needs of the producers. Last year, the Mayor of Beykoz, Yücel Çelikbilek distributed 1.800 hives to 285 producers on his own.