Hidiv Grove

Abbas Hilmi Pasha wished for a gigantic stone tower similar to the Eiffel Tower inside his grove on the Kanlıca hillside. It was decided that the tower would have 340 steps. However, Suldan Abdulhamid II. who heard about this, didn’t grant permission for the structure by saying that “In a city like Istanbul, that is the pupil of the world of Islam, a tower higher than minarets would offend Islam. I request that the tower to be built not higher than 152 steps.”

The Khedive of Egypt, Abbass Hilmi Pasha has spent 150 thousand gold pieces for his castle, according to the rumors. Outside the castle, he also had a seaside mansion built at the Kanlıca shore. He also had an electrical power plant built nearby to light up the seaside mansion and the castle. Çubuklu Mosque also benefited from this electric power.

Abbas Hilmi Pasha didn’t refrain from any expenses for the castle’s garden, and imported many valuable kinds of trees. Pines, firs, tahsi, cacti,tujas, cedars, magnolias, oaks and lindens are species that are still preserved in the grove. 

It is an ideal area in which you can breathe the clean air of the forest, hike and engage in sports with your children, you can get to know and examine the trees and plants, you can rest against the Bosphorus view. Khedive Grove has a hiking course of about 1.5 kilometers and it is an ideal place for hiking and running with its slent and green atmosphere. There is a restaurant and a children’s playground at the entrance of the grove.

Hidiv Grove