İshak Ağa Fountain

According to Semiha Ayverdi, the İshak Fountain is “the actual fountain that sings the world-famous water ode.” “Could the Customs Fiduciary Ishak Aga who filled the summer areas of Istanbul with water imagine that this fringeroofed, troughed, decorated water mansion would become a place of peace, and its architecture an example of majesticity and mutual love mixed with simplicity when he was renovating th foutain in 1774? The fountain is always central to the Turkish landscape. It monumentalizes generosity, gentlemanship and weariness by distributing to the people it gathers around more than they wish. However, it is not always possible to find the likes of Ishak Aga fountain that sprouts water from all ten of its faucets. Of course, the clear and cold water of these ten faucets is the pride and honor of the village.”

The existence of the fountain water was known since the Byzantine times. Ibrahim Hakkı Konyalı states that the first fountain here was built by Behruz Aga, the Chief Concierge of the palace during the rule of Suleiman the 41 Magnificent, who also had Sinan the Architect build a mosque, a school, a fountain and a bazaar near Macuncu in Istanbul.

Although it is thought that Behruz Aga had Sinan build this fountain, just like his other works, the list of fountains built by Sinan, doesn’t include this one. The same source states that the bath and other structures nearby were endowed as income to this fountain. Although Konyalı presents Sinan the Architect as the architect of this fountain, he also states that he has no solid evidence in this matter. Mahmud I. orders Grand Vizier Seyid Hasan Pasha to renovate this fountain during the renovation works of the Tokat Pavilion, when this few-faucet fountain was low in water. Hasan Pasha delegates the order to Istanbul Customs Fiduciary İshak Aga. The construction of the fountain begins with a new architectural style. Grand Vizier Hasan Pasha is exiled around the same dates and all the expenses of the fountain were borne by İshak Aga and the construction is completed.

Historical sources record that Sultan Mahmud I., who ordered the construction, was hosted by Ishak Aga here in 1754, watched the acrobats and listened to music. Although the fountain underwent many modifications in its history, its style and building style is a good example of the Turkish-Islam Water Architecture. The ten faucets of the fountain in the middle of Beykoz started pumping water out in recent years with the contributions of the Beykoz Municipality.

The fountain in the middle of the district is not the only work ordered by İshak Aga within the borders of Beykoz. Ishak Aga has 3 more fountains called by his name. The Yalıköy Square Fountain, of which only the mirror stone and inscription survive, was built in 1741. The fountain is right in front of the Yalıköy Masjid was a four-faced, fringed, traditional village square fountain. The fountain still provices water.

Ishak Aga orders the construction of yet another fountain on the road to Akbaba in 1742. The fountain is a square sectioned pyramidal column. The fountain has 3 rows of inscription and is still being used today. 

The construction date of the last fountain that Ishak Aga contributed to Beykoz is 1749. It is located in the famous Beykoz Prairie. The fountain is built on a square pedestal, and consists of a sinle marble-laid column with four façades. Two faces of the fountain have faucets, and three rows of inscriptions exist oni t.

Some of the other fountains with historical value are Şerife Fatma Hanım Fountain in Anadoluhisarı Otağtepe, Subaşı Fountain in Tepeüstü, Anadoluhisarı, the square Fountain in Kızılserçe Street, Hadji Salih Efendi Fountain in Kanlıca Hacı Muhittin Avenue, Mehmed Said Efendi Fountain in the Fikirtepe dead end on the same avenue, Damat İbrahim Pasha of Nevşehir Fountain near the Çubuklu Mosque, Safiye Sultan Fountain 3x5 meters and as thin as its benefactress, with 8 rows of inscription, Mustafa Pasha Fountain rigth behind the Paşabahçe Mosque, Mustafa Aga Fountain right on the street behind the hospital in Paşabahçe, four faced, 6-rows inscribed Mehmet Bey Fountain with a long trough and 3 marble water jets in İncirköy Sultaniye Prairie, marble pedestal fountain ordered by Naile Vesile Hanım on the wall of Yalıköy Mosque, Kethüda Fountain right bhind Ahmed Mithat Efendi Waterside Mansion, Derseki Mahmud II. Fountain, Safiye Sultan Fountain in front of the Poyrazköy Mosque, and Sultan Mahmud II.fountain in the village square of Anadolu Feneri.

İshak Ağa Fountain