Mihrabat Grove

The grove is on a hill that overlooks both the Bosphorus Bridge and the Mehmed the Conqueror Bridge.

Damat İbrahim Pasha of Nevşehir had the Mihrabat Pavilion built and presented it as a gift to Sultan Ahmed III., although the pavilion was fell victim to neglect, the area is still called Mihrabat. The grove was later given as a gift to Lady Rukiye, daughter of Abbas Halim Pasha by Lady Necibe, the wife of Sadullah Pasha, Berlin Ambassador for Sultan Abdulhamid II. as a wedding gift.

The grove was a source of inspiration for many authors and poets. Yahya Kemal’s memories of solitary moments were frequently in this grove. Özdemir Asaf watched Istanbul from the wings of seagulls in this grove. Monumental cypresses, nut pines, daphnes, maples, cermes oaks and redbuds present the best shades of green on the grove’s 25 hectare land.

The grove is arranged and open for public visitation today. Mihrabat Grove, which silently witnessed the musical entertainment of the Bosphorus under the moon for centuries; that hosted sultans; that inspired may artists belongs to a private enterprise today. The facility contains many cafeterias and various natural parkours. It also has a large area where “One Day in Nature” children’s events are organized and hiking paths with exquisite views.

Fatih Otağtepe TEMA Grove

The park has a surface area of 152 thousand square meters and it was used as the construction site for the construction of the Mehmed the Conqueror Bridge. The General Directorate of Highways donated the area to Tema Foundation to transform it to a park.

The foundation started working in cooperation with Koç Holding in 1996, and the General Directorate of Highways provided labor and equipment support. The grove is far from all sounds and has a peaceful, unique view. 1.711 trees, 5.089 shrubs and 8.500 various plants were planted in the grove, an artesian well was dug, a water tank of 500 cubic meters, irrigation systems and electrical infrastructure were installed. Meanwhile, the historical Byzantian cistern was restored. The park features around 15.300 plant species and a thousand seasonal trees. The resting areas, arbors and bridge in the grove used natural, durable materials. The entry to the grove is free of charge and it is the best place for an Istanbul selfie.

Mihrabat Grove